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South West Labour Hire: DL Flyer

This is a DL flyer I designed for South West Labour Hire. It gives an overview of the services they offer and promotes the benefits of outsourcing labour. This project involved logo design, the selection and purchase of royalty free stock photography and copywriting..


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The ARThouse: Brochure

35,000 copies of this brochure were printed and distributed to homes surrounding the Camden and Narellan area. The brochures was also used to promote The ARThouse at Taste Food and Wine Festival. It promotes various aspects of The ARThouse like the local artist program, the canape menu, functions, the website, gift vouchers etc. This project involved copywriting and directing a photoshoot.

Mobile Climbing: DL Flyer

Another DL flyer involving logo design, image selection and editing copy. The Teen Ranch logo also got a makeover for this project. 5000 of these were printed and will be used in sales lead generation. This one is very similar to the South West Labour Hire design as per the client's request. If it's not broken, dont fix it!

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The ARThouse: In Macarthur Advertisement

This half page advertisment was used to promote The ARThouse in the spring 2010 and summer 2010/2011 editions of In Macarthur Magazine. It features The ARThouse's signiture dish, African Chicken. I also designed an advertisement for winter edition. View it here.

South West Labour Hire: Business Card

This is the business card I designed for South West Labour Hire. 2,000 of these were printed. I also designed a logo, a website and a DL flyer for South West Labour Hire.

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The ARThouse: Yellow Pages Advertisement

This is the listing for The ARThouse in the 2011/2012 Campbelltown Yellow Pages Directory. This same advertisment is used for Yellow Pages Online.I designed it so the focus was on contact information i.e the phone number, website and location.

The ARThouse: Gift Voucher

This is the gift voucher I designed for The ARThouse. I have completed several projects for The ARThouse including website design, other advertisements and a brochure. I have also contributed to marketing strategy, generated publicity and organised events for The ARThouse and more.

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The ARThouse: Advertisement

This full page advertisment featured in the Macarthur Anglican Business Directory. It is quite similar to the In Macarthur Magazine Ad shown above, as per the client's request.

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