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The ARThouse: Marketing Strategy

Positioning Strategy - When I first started working at The ARThouse they were using Shopper Dockets and Coupon Ads i.e. 'buy one coffee get one free' and 'half price meal' offers to promote the business. Based on my advice, management ditched the discounts and repositioned The ARThosue up market; as a premium product that is worth full price.

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The ARThouse: Marketing Strategy

Customer retention and repeat business is all importnt in the restaurant game. Loyalty programs encourage repeat purchase and consumer loyalty. It was my idea to develop a loyalty program that rewards repeat purchase of both meals and drinks. In doing so, we were able to build customer loyalty and appeal to price sensitive consumers without using discounts. I also designed The ARThouse loyalty card used in the program.


The ARThouse: Public Relations Strategy

I developed The ARThouse Local Artist Program as a means of generating positive publicity for The ARThouse. By holding quarterly exhibitions featuring one artist exclusively as opposed to random pieces of art, the ARThouse became more 'newsworthy' to local media. I was then able to generate media coverage for The ARThouse through the preparation and distribution of media releases to local media organisations. This strategy resulted in positive publicity for The ARThouse. It also contributes to customer engagement.

The ARThouse: Online Marketing

I arranged a link to The ARThouse website on the In Macarthur Magazine website. I initiated a mailing list to collect email newsletter subscribers for The ARThouse. I designed and distributed an email flyer to ARThouse email subscribers to promote the Gina Law art exhibition and arranged a listing for the Gina Law art exhibition on the ‘What’s on’ page of the C91.3 website and In Macarthur Magazine Website


The ARThouse: A Taste of Product Development

Working with the head chef and the manager, I helped develop a tapas style menu. I contributed product ideas to the main menu too, adding several items. I was also responsible for updating the menus both in house and on the website, which involved writing product descriptions and document formating.

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